This Page Is For The Models Contesting For The AMFF Miss Africa UK.


Nicki Moore at her movie premier in London

Name: Doris Albert.
Age: 22.
Country: Nigeria.
Occupation: Student.
Height: 5.6.
Weight: 75.


Nicki Moore is documenting the names of the models that will participate at the Miss Africa UK. She is in charge of the models.


Miss Doris Albert is a model and will be participating at the AMFF Miss Africa UK. she needs your support and asking you to vote for her by liking her page. The votes she will accumulate in this page will be added to the total votes she will get at the event during the show.

She will be contesting for Miss Africa UK, a beauty pageant organised by the African Music & Fashion Festival AMFF, a UK registered Charity organisation to support and encourage Africans in the arts, music and fashion industry.

Kindly support her by liking her page to enable her qualify to win the contest.

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