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Nigerian Voters Angry, Cried Over “Disenfranchisement” Of Their Rights To Vote By The INEC.

The INEC Official working at the polling unit said, only 14 people she has received instructions to allow to vote.

Nigerian Voters Angry, Cried Over “Disenfranchisement” Of Their Rights To Vote By The INEC.

The Nigeria Presidential Candidates. 

By Ejike Ikezuagu – UK.

Over 93 million Nigerians that have registered to vote in the Presidential and National Assembly election today 25th February 2023 are likely to be disappointed as many of the voters may not have the opportunity to cast their votes, due to the inability of the INEC officials to provide the necessary materials needed for the smooth process of the conduct of the election, Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper has gathered.

Voters at various polling units across Nigeria are angry over what they described as “disenfranchisement” of their rights to vote.

They said, INEC is making it impossible for them to vote. They blamed INEC officials for various reasons to disenfranchise them, especially the youths that have turned out massively to vote for their candidates.

As voters furiously agitate over the INEC’s failures and inabilities in different polling units in Nigeria, Ogene Ndigbo Newspapaer gathered, that over 1000 registered voters at Ilaye, No. 9 Polling Unit, Ilasa Amaja, Oshodi Local Government, Lagos, only 14 people are allowed to vote, and others whose names are in the ballot and present at the unit are not allowed to vote. The INEC official working at the polling unit said, only 14 people she has received instructions to allow to vote, thereby leaving the rest number of the remaining registered voters. At this unit, 986 voters will not be voting according to the instruction given to the INEC official at the unit.

At Okota, where there are huge number of voters, our newsmen gathered that the INEC officials failed to come with their stamps, and had to borrow stamps from other units. Toyin, a voter said, “this is a sign of unpreparedness of the INEC”.

Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper gathered that, INEC officials in Okota 1, brought wrong papers for Mushin for the National Assembly, and were very late, arrived by 11am and has no party logo on it.

As voters agitate, Mr. Fortune Ihedioha said, though, there is no violence, but things are not going as planned, only one BVA is used, with one official working, which is delaying the process.

He said, there are insufficient workers, and the unit has over 710 registered voters, but only 200 people have voted.

He continued, “I do not know if everyone will vote, saying, they should allow all people to vote”.

Result sheets have been reported not available in various polling units.

Voters are angry over INEC’s unpreparedness to conduct this presidential election.

In Warri, there was no distribution of materials, and INEC officials arrived very late.

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi who voted in his polling unit in Anambra state said, there is a large turnout of people who came out to vote, on the background as said, people are likely not to come out to vote due to the fear of being killed.

Obi said, it is peaceful, though he is not in other part of the country to confirm what is happening, however, he stated that Labour Party’s Logo was not printed in the ballot paper.

INEC have been advised to ensure these issues are resolved.

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Mazi Ejike Ikezuagu is the owner and publisher of Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper. He lives and studied in the UK.


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